IPO bidding

  • StockHolding Services Ltd (SSL) acts as a sub syndicate member for bidding the various IPO/FPO launched from time to time. It also acts as Lead Broker for mobilization of Bonds. 

    FAQ's On IPO

    Who can apply online in forthcoming IPO's under UPI mechanism  ?

      Those who are Registered clients (Having Trading Account) or Unregistered clients can apply under UPI Mechanism. (UPI ID is mandatory and need to be used SEBI Approved UPI App. for mandate acceptance )

    How to create UPI ID ?

      Preferably download BHIM App and create UPI ID (To check List of SEBI approved UPI Apps. visit : https://bit.ly/2ZXoy5s )
    What is the maximum amount investor can apply under UPI Mechanism ?
      Investors can apply amount upto  Rs 5 lakhs under UPI mechanism. (Amount up to Rs 2 lakhs will be treated as Retail category and above Rs 2 Lakhs - Upto Rs 5 lakhs will be considered as a HNI category at RTA level while doing allotment of shares.

    How its works ?
    • To apply online visit : https://bit.ly/3YtVH2f
    • Issue details will appeared - system will ask you - Registered with us ? If you have trading account with us just mention your UCC . System will pre populate your credentials.  
    • If you are not registered with us - Say NO and insert all correct information and place the order.
    • After completion of order placement please check notification in your UPI APP.
    • For notification go to your BHIM UPI APP-Go to notification and pull down the screen to refresh and to get mandate for accepting payment request.( Last day of issue acceptance of  notification is allowed up to 5.00 O'clock)
    • On IPO Page respective buttons are available to check the application status with regards to BID confirmation, UPI remark and cancellation of order.
    • HNI category is not permitted for cancellation.