Why SSL ?

Safety of Transaction:

Safety measures and protocols that every transaction is executed only after its authenticity is established.

Reliability and Transparency:

Affirms that openness and transparency form an essential pillar of its culture and operating principle.


Strongly emphasizes on confidentiality and integrity in its dealings.

Hi SSL Team, your short term investment picks were really good and well thought out based on research. Kudos to you. I just got invested on a test basis. HSCL, at 96 say 200 shares in a day, went to 103 and, meaning it made Rs. 1400, a very good return. A recommendation, as even Hero Motocorp also invested 20 shares and in a day it appreciated to Rs. 2850 and made a good profit. Please do keep sending me a guide for such small investors like me with your valuable guidance. Please guide specifically if I have to say Rs. 2 lacs for investing in a time zone of say 2 to 3 months, which is the top recommendation from your side - Thank You regards, Chandra Rajaraman, Natarajan Rajaraman

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